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Welcome to the United Way Team!

Thank you for spearheading your organization’s United Way Workplace or iPledge Campaign! Whether you’re a newcomer or seasoned coordinator, this webpage is your go-to resource for enhancing your campaign’s impact. Engaging in this initiative means contributing to a larger mission of change in Collier or Monroe, with visible results in your local community. Beyond fundraising, the campaign fosters a stronger bond between employees and our shared community.




What is iPledge?

iPledge provides independent contractors, realtors, attorneys, direct sales professionals and small business owners the opportunity to make a real difference in your local community.

 Through iPledge, we’re bringing together the commitment of local small businesses with UWCK’s goal of supporting individuals and families in our community who need a hand up. By becoming an iPledge Partner, you’ll gain exclusive recognition and benefits, enhancing your business’s visibility, credibility, and revenue opportunities.




What is a Workplace Campaign?

Elevate your company’s culture with a Workplace Campaign, igniting employee morale and fostering teamwork through meaningful engagement in impactful causes. Through a single gift, often facilitated via payroll deduction, employees become agents of hope, opening doors to brighter opportunities for others.

The UWCK Workplace Campaign serves as a unifying force, empowering employees to donate, volunteer, and advocate for causes close to their hearts. Beyond fundraising, this campaign cultivates stronger bonds between employees and their communities, enriching both workplace dynamics and societal connections.

Get the Tools

Ready to begin? Use this Campaign Toolkit and its resources to help you run the best campaign possible!

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Workplace Campaign

Workplace Campaign

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Employee Campaign Manager Toolkit

Collier County Workplace Flyer

Monroe County Workplace Flyer


Workplace Pledge Form

Please download this pledge form and have your employees fill it out if they wish to give to United Way of Collier and the Keys. For more instructions, please visit the Employee Campaign Manager Toolkit


New Hire

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United Way Logo

United Way Logo

Please use the official United Way of Collier and the Keys logo in your promotional material for your workplace campaign!

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Contact UWCK for additional resources or any questions regarding workplace campaigns.


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