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Welcome to the United Way Team!

Thank you for running your organization’s United Way Campaign. Whether this is your first time as an Employee Campaign Coordinator, or you are a seasoned pro, let this webpage serve as a hub with tools to make your campaign great.

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Ready to start your workplace campaign? The United Way workplace campaign unites employees in all offices or branches of a company, and gives them an opportunity to donate, volunteer and speak out for causes that matter to them.


Getting involved in a workplace campaign makes you a part of a larger mission to affect change in Collier or Monroe, and you can even see the results in your own backyard! The campaign is about more than raising money for worthy causes: it also strengthens the connection between employees and this community we call home.

Get the Tools

Use this Campaign Toolkit and all its resources to help you run the best campaign possible!

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Campaign Coordinator Packet

Campaign Coordinator Packet

The following packet provides guidelines and helpful resources for you to feel confident in your role as employee campaign coordinator and run the most successful campaign possible!



Campaign Powerpoint

Campaign Powerpoint

Click on one of the following links to download the UWCK PowerPoint for your campaign presentation specific to your county!


Collier Campaign Powerpoint

Monroe Campaign Powerpoint

UWCK At A Glance

UWCK At A Glance

Share this pamphlet to help your peers learn who we are, what we do, and who we impact, as well as descriptions of each community impact program their dollars are making possible!


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United Way Logo

United Way Logo

Please use the official United Way of Collier and the Keys logo in your promotional material for your workplace campaign!


Click here for a downloadable version of our logo


Workplace Pledge Form

Workplace Pledge Form

Please download this pledge form and have your employees fill it out if they wish to give to the United Way. For more instructions on the Workplace Pledge Form, please visit the Campaign Coordinator Packet


Workplace Pledge Form 2021


For any additional questions about workplace campaigns or more resources, contact John Riley, Vice-President of Philanthropy, at either of the following


(239)-261-7112 ext. 204