Need Doesn't Stop At the Poverty Line

Less than a quarter of hard-working households struggling to survive in our community have incomes below the Federal Poverty line. Yet, thousands more cannot afford to make ends meet and are living paycheck-to-paycheck.

ALICE Report


We describe people in over 56,000 households in Collier and Monroe Counties with incomes above the poverty line but still struggling as being Asset Limited, Income Constrained, and Employed (ALICE).

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ALICE in Florida

Less than 30 percent of jobs in Florida pay enough for a family to make ends meet, even working full time. Of our state’s top 20 professions, none actually pay a livable average wage for residents of Collier or Monroe Counties. Click below to read the official ALICE Report conducted by the United Way.


ALICE in Collier and the Keys

It takes an income of more than $75,000 for a family of four to survive in Collier County, and over $84,000 for the same family to survive in the Keys. More than 40 percent of families with children in our community live with incomes below that threshold. Click the link to see the statistics on ALICE by county in Florida.

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You Can Help

Whether you own or manage a business, live in or have loved ones living in an ALICE household, or are involved in local government, here are some tools for helping ALICE families.

Employer Toolkit

Your employees’ problems are your problems, impacting your day-to-day operations and your ability to recruit and retain talent. Here are some resources for helping employees thrive.

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Individual Toolkit

Working hard isn’t always enough to make ends meet. Here are some resources for working towards a more secure future and finding help when times get tough.

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Government Toolkit

You want to help ALICE families but need help starting the conversation or finding the resources to do it. Here are some ideas of how to begin and where to look for help.

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