Revitalizing the Florida Keys Through Reef Restoration and Beyond

Improving Financial Stability in the Florida Keys

Coral Bleaching Crisis Response

United Way Directs Funds to Protect Marine Ecosystem in Florida Keys

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Looe Key Grant Awarded

UWCK recently awarded Reef Renewal USA a grant to revitalize and restore Looe Key.

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Reef Project Nationally Recognized

UWCK's reef revitalization project was recently recognized by the E.W. Scripps Company, whose story was broadcast across the US.

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Why Is UWCK Involved?

Over 60% of Keys residents are dependent upon the marine environment for their occupation. Building a healthy and sustainable reef ecosystem will ensure a thriving economy and healthy environment for the citizens of the Florida Keys.

How Does It Work?

Corals grow slowly. Mission: Iconic Reefs uses several phases to ensure that multiple coral species as well as other important reef species can be restored over time.

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What is UWCK Doing?

UWCK is pleased to coordinate the Restoring the Florida Keys through Reef Restoration and Beyond project, working with NOAA Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary's Mission: Iconic Reefs project. As part of our commitment to strengthen the community, UWCK aims to create an environment for Keys residents to thrive.

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Rebuilding the Seven Iconic Reefs

In February of 2020, the United Way of Collier and the Keys (UWCK) announced a $3.5 million gift from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to fund these cutting-edge and innovative projects in reef restoration and education. As the first significant funding towards Mission: Iconic Reefs, the project will catalyze this bold plan to restore and protect seven iconic reefs in the Florida Keys. The UAE’s gift to UWCK is part of the UAE’s pledged $10 million assistance to the State of Florida in response to Hurricane Irma in 2017. With these restoration funds, UWCK’s goal is to restore the coral reefs thereby providing physical and financial safety nets, as well as empowering the next generation to carry this work forward.

Keys Marine Resource Guide

Have you heard about our online Marine Science Resource Guide? Whether you are a local or a visitor, a teacher, a parent, a student or a lifelong learner, we have a comprehensive guide to various opportunities for you to experience and learn about the Florida Keys marine environment. Use this link or go to

Marine Resource Guide

Marine Science Education Grants

Complementing the reef restoration components of the UAE-UWCK reef revitalization partnership, education is critical to the sustainability of this bold project investing in the future of the Florida Keys. We are proud to announce the UWCK Marine Science Education Grant – Creating the Next Generation of Reef Stewards.

Marine Science Education Grants