Revitalizing the Florida Keys Coral Reefs

Improving Economic Impact through Coral Reef Restoration & Beyond

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Why Is UWCK Involved?

Over 60% of Key's residents are dependent upon the marine environment for their occupation. Without a healthy and sustainable reef ecosystem, the Keys will face immense and long lasting economic hardships.

How Does It Work?

Corals grow slowly, and this coral restoration project will take time. Mission: Iconic Reefs uses several phases to ensure that multiple coral species and other important reef species can be restored over time. This project will take place in phases and will take some time.

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Rebuilding the Seven Iconic Reefs

This gift from the UAE is the first significant funding towards accomplishing Mission: Iconic Reefs. Currently at the Seven Iconic Reef sites identified through the project, just 2% of coral cover remains. At the conclusion of this bold, innovative strategy NOAA has developed, the reef will be back to a healthy, sustainable 25%.

The 7 Iconic Sites

These sites - Carysfort Reef, Horseshoe Reef, Checca Rocks, Sombrero Reef, Newfound Harbor, Looe Key Reef, and Eastern Dry Rocks - have been deemed to have the highest chance of success for this restoration process.