Meet Our Team

We work hard to help support our community - We LIVE UNITED

Tiffani Mensch

President & CEO

Leah Stockton

Keys Area President

Brittni Brown

Vice President of Philanthropy

Michelle Nevel

Philanthropy Coordinator

Ashley Jones

Vice President of Community Impact

Ann Marrese

Vice President of Finance & Operations

Keren Bocanegra

Staff Accountant

Alissa Hudak

Communications and Engagement Manager

Carolina Heiser

Disaster Case Manager - Collier

Tiffany Pellicier

Disaster Case Manager - Monroe

Norma Rodriguez

Program Coordinator

Rebecca Zehr

Grant Specialist

Loretta Geotis

VITA Program Coordinator

Jessica Dockery

Reef Revitalization Project Liaison

Channing Gaufillet

Ocean Guardian School Coordinator