How to Support Collier & Monroe Families



For many families, the recent COVID-19 outbreak has made it even harder to take care of basic needs. Some of those families lived paycheck to paycheck before this crisis and hovered just above the poverty line.



Who are the Struggling Families?


People in our community who are struggling are often individual who work low wage jobs that keep their income level above the poverty line so they cannot qualify for government assistance however they are barely able to support their family. They do not have money in savings and are one emergency away from having their lives turned upside down.


There’s a good chance you have a friend, acquaintance or neighbor that might be struggling and not even know it. They are hard-working individuals who don’t ask for help, sometimes because they don’t even realize that they need it.


Families like the ones described above are often those who have been laid off, experienced wage cuts or who are still working but unable to do so remotely since the outbreak. Despite economic relief from the government, their financial outlook remains challenging.



Here’s how you can help them:


  • Check-in with your neighbors – Being a good neighbor in these troubling times can go along way. Do so while keeping yourself safe by talking through a window or leaving items outside someone’s door.



  • Give to United Way of Collier and the Keys – United Way provides support to families like these through our new Remote Crisis Case Management System, which is integrated into our 2-1-1 non-emergency helpline to assure expediency and effectiveness. Now more than ever these programs are providing vital support to people in our community that improves their health, education and financial stability. With the help of generous supporters like you, we can meet the growing demand for these services and give people in our community the help they need. Donate here.